Heidelberg University

Course I - Advanced Level

GeR/CEF C1(2)*


Participants develop their capacity to analyse and discuss texts covering different aspects of German literature, culture and society. Teaching at this level is weighted more on the improvement of style and idiom than grammar.


The advanced level is suitable for participants who are fluent in German. Participants receive 20 hours of teaching in the morning per week.

Teaching for all courses takes place in groups of about 16.

Educational material will be provided.


Complementary Afternoon Classes

  • discussions about German culture and civilisation
  • pronunciation exercises: phonetics and phonology
  • Wilhelm & Jakob Grimm: collectors or inventors?
  • a trip through the sights of famous love stories
  • We produce a radio programme
  • Images of Germany in films
  • Productive and creative writing - a workshop


Complementary Afternoon Classes Open to All

  • The Changes Eros Underwent in Art and Literature
  • Changes in the German language
  • The criminal literature - a mirror of the society
  • From the German "Sonderweg" to integration - Decisive moments in German history
  • Legal terminology


* GeR/CEF: Gemeinsamer europäischer Referenzrahmen
                     Common European Framework


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