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Course II - Fortbildungskurs



The 'Fortbildungskurs' is designed for non-native teachers and students of German. It aims to expand participants' language abilities and enrich their German teaching skills. Participants are given the opportunity to work with a number of different lecturers and can choose their own combination of modules from a wide variety of topics.

The topics offered are: literature and literary didactics; aspects of German culture and civilisation; the media; games and light-hearted exercises for learning a language; the role of film and video in teaching German; didacticism of authentic texts; the process of learning and teaching written skills.

Participants receive 18 hours of teaching per week.

Educational material will be provided.


For further details please use the web-site in german.


Complementary Afternoon Classes

  • discussions about German culture and civilisation
  • pronunciation exercises: phonetics and phonology
  • Wilhelm & Jakob Grimm: collectors or inventors?
  • a trip through the sights of famous love stories
  • We produce a radio programme
  • Images of Germany in films
  • Productive and creative writing - a workshop


Complementary Afternoon Classes Open to All

  • The Changes Eros Underwent in Art and Literature
  • Changes in the German language
  • The criminal literature - a mirror of the society
  • From the German "Sonderweg" to integration - Decisive moments in German history
  • Legal terminology


* GeR/CEF: Gemeinsamer europäischer Referenzrahmen
                     Common European Framework


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