Services for Women

Services Provided by the University of Heidelberg


The Equal Opportunities Office


The Equal Opportunities Office of the University of Heidelberg provides information, advice and assistance to students and (young) researchers. Through the Equal Opportunities Office, you can obtain information about and apply to the “Olympia-Morata Program”, the University’s program for female postdocs and researchers doing their habilitation, as well as to the “Schlieben-Lange Program” and the “Margarethe-von-Wrangell Program” of the State of Baden Württemberg. The office also offers opportunities for female students and young researchers to develop their career perspectives with seminars in the series “Academic Careers: Taking the Best Advantage of your Skills and Career Chances” and carries out a mentoring and seminar program.


Within the clearing service “Academia and Family”, the Equal Opportunities Office offers young researchers active support in balancing family life and academic careers. When a baby is on the way, the clearing service initiates a counselling session involving the parents and the institute or clinic directors or research group leaders. The goal of the session is to map out the future academic careers of the new parents and adapt them to the work environment.


The Children’s Centre and Family Services are also located within the Equal Opportunities Office. They are the first point of contact for students or young researchers interested in the child care opportunities provided by the University or for information about any family services.



Safety En Route


The University of Heidelberg and the University Hospital also offer services to ensure that women can move freely and safely around the University campus in Neuenheimer Feld.


If you are out late, you can use the Women’s Night Taxi (Frauen-Nachttaxi) or you can request an escort from the Begleitservice to walk you from your institute to your bus stop. After dusk on the bus lines 31, 32 and 37, you can also request to be let out between stops in Neuenheimer Feld in order to avoid a long walk in the dark. You simply need to ask the bus driver ahead of time.


There is more information about the night taxi service and other safety measures in the “Walk Safe” brochure which you can pick up from the Equal Opportunities Office or look at on the internet.


 Services Provided by the City of Heidelberg


The Equal Opportunities Office of the city of Heidelberg offers counselling and assistance to women in situations involving sexual harassment, in cases of possible abortions and in other emergency situations. The office also has a large collection of contacts that can provide information about initiatives and institutions for women as well as women’s groups. These contacts are interesting both for women seeking assistance and for women interested in being active in such groups. 



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