Other Types of Insurance

Social Security


Germany has a comprehensive social security system that is regulated by law and includes health insurance, long-term care insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance and accident insurance. Generally, all employees with a gross income below a certain level automatically contribute to social security. The so-called Beitragsbemessungsgrenze ("assessable income limit") is adjusted every year and in 2016 it was set at 50.850 Euro. Recipients of grants or fellowships are not obliged to participate in the social security system, with the exception of health insurance.

  • Health insurance
    Every person living in Germany must be covered by health insurance and, therefore, all applicants for a residence permit must demonstrate that they have sufficient health insurance coverage ...(more)
  • Long-term care insurance
    This type of insurance is automatically integrated in both state-regulated and private health insurance and insures against the consequences of needing long-term care. There is more information available about this type of insurance on the web site (German Social Insurance)  and on the site of the Bundesministerium für Gesundheit (Federal Ministry of Health). 



  • Pension Insurance
    Pension insurance protects you and your family if your ability to earn income is endangered or reduced or if your employment ends due to age or death...(more)

  • Unemployment Insurance
    Unemployment insurance offers insurance in the case of unemployment ... (more)
  • Accident Insurance
    State-regulated accident insurance protects you in the case of a work-related accident ... (more)


Other Types of Insurance

  • Liability Insurance

    We strongly recommend that you obtain private liability insurance at the latest after your arrival in Germany. This kind of insurance covers damages that you cause to others, for example through carelessness (e.g. causing a bicycle accident). If you have taken out liability insurance in your home country, please ask if this insurance will also cover you during your stay in Germany. There is more detailed information about liability insurance as well as all other types of insurance that are valid in Germany on the web site of the Bund der Versicherten (Insurance Holders Association).
  • Household Insurance

    Household insurance insures your household against break-ins, theft, vandalism, fire (fire, lightning strikes, explosions) and water damage. The household includes all furnishings such as furniture, household appliances, rugs and curtains as well as books, CDs, dinnerware and clothing. All objects that do not belong to you but are temporarily located in your house also belong to your household for the purposes of household insurance. Household insurance can be extended and adjusted to suit your individual needs. You can obtain more information on the web site of the Informationszentrum der deutschen Versichererungen (Information Cenre fo german Insurance).


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