Fuontain on Karlsplatz, Heidelberg Castle in the background


Ansichten aus Heidelberg
Ansichten aus Heidelberg
Ansichten aus Heidelberg
Ansichten aus Heidelberg

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Course I - Advanced Level



Course participants develop their capacity to analyze and discuss texts covering various aspects of German literature, culture and society. Emphasis is on the improvement of style and idiom and not on grammar.

Core classes are held weekdays in the morning for 20 hours per week. Class size is about 16.

Complementary classes are offered in the early morning and in the afternoon.

All classes are suited for participants who are fluent or nearly fluent in German:


Course material will be provided in class.


Complementary Classes

The lectures and seminars listed below illustrate some of the complementary classes typically offered for Course I, Advanced Level. The final program will be presented to you after your arrival in Heidelberg.

Complementary Early-Bird Lecture:


  • Hot Off the Press: Germany’s Latest Literature


Complementary Afternoon Classes:


  • Tiny Words, Enormous Impact: Comparing Modal Particles Across Cultures
  • Advanced Pronunciation Practice: Phonetics and Phonology
  • The Image Of Germany As Portrayed in Film
  • Germany 1945-2017: How We Became Who We Are
  • The Changing Portrayal of Eros in Art and Literature
  • Grammar Review Crash Course


* GeR/CEF: Gemeinsamer europäischer Referenzrahmen
                     Common European Framework


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