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The International Summer School 2021 is fully booked. Sorry, registrations are no longer possible.

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Registration and Fee

Registration deadline
Office and information


Participants must be 18 years or older.


The International Summer School 2021 is fully booked. Sorry, registrations are no longer possible.


Group registration is not possible.


How do I register?

Download the form Registration Registration (available from February 15, 2021). Fill in your information and return it by e-mail to There will be a reply and further information within a few days.* If you are accepted to participate in the International Summer School, you will have three weeks to pay the course fee (€ 670,-) either by bank transfer or credit card and turn in further documents (proof of payment, form “Accommodation Reservation”). All forms and information, including payment details, will be sent to you in the letter of acceptance.

For information on Data Processing and Data Protection, please download this pdf file.


Once all documents and the course fee have been received, participants will be e-mailed a confirmation letter together with further information concerning the organization and the events of the course.



The fee for the International Summer School is € 670.

Any bank transfer fee must be paid by the participant.

In the case of withdrawal by 15th June, the registration fee of € 20,- will be withheld. If you cancel after 15th June only, the fee will be € 110,-. In the unlikely case that the International Summer School had to be cancelled, we would refund the entire course fee.


The International Summer School 2021 will take place digitally through the video conferencing programs MS Teams and Trember. In order to participate, you must agree in writing that you consent to your data being passed on to the providers of these programs (the consent form has been or will be sent to you by e-mail). If you do not give this consent, participation in the International Summer Course is unfortunately not possible. In case of refusal of consent before the beginning of the International Summer Course, the course fees will be refunded. If you revoke your consent after the start of the International Summer Course, a refund of the course fees is unfortunately not possible.


The Summer School fee covers:


Registration deadline

30th June, 2021 or if the course is filled to capacity.


Office and information, contact and current address

Mrs. Cordula Schäfer
Mrs. Claudia Schmidt

Internationaler Ferienkurs
Dezernat Internationale Beziehungen
Universität Heidelberg

Mailing address:
Seminarstraße 2
D-69117 Heidelberg

Address for visitors:
Fischmarkt 2, room 120
D-69117 Heidelberg

Telefon +49-(0)6221-54 12752
Telefax +49-(0)6221-54 12789


* In order to ensure the Summer School’s international profile, the percentage of participants from one country is limited. There is no entitlement to participation in the International Summer School.


The programme may be subject to change.

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