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Room and Board

If participants need accommodation for the duration of the International Summer School, there are two options:


Option 1: You find accommodation online.

There is a large number of websites where you can find all kinds of accommodation (see below).
Your advantages:


  1. Arrival and departure dates can be agreed upon individually with the respective lessor.
  2. You can request detailed information, photos etc. beforehand.
  3. You will know your address before your arrival.

Please note:

  1. Lessors may ask for a deposit and/or advance payment.
  2. The Summer School staff will not be able to assist you in case there is any kind of trouble with your accommodation.
  3. Offers will often be published online on very short notice (one or two months before the starting date). That means you may have to be patient.


Option 2: You reserve accommodation through the International Summer School.

Please download the accommodation reservation form.

Your advantages:

  1. Once you return the completed accommodation reservation form, we guarantee that accommodation will be provided for you.
  2. The rent is to be paid upon arrival only (scholarship holders will only have to pay their rent after receiving their scholarship). Payment is in cash. There will not be any additional costs like deposit, bank fee, handling fee or other.
  3. Our staff will take you to your accommodation when you arrive in Heidelberg.

These are the non-negotiable conditions:

  1. Accommodation will only be provided from Tuesday, August 1, to Thursday, August 31.
  2. The address and detailed information can and will only be provided upon your arrival in Heidelberg.
  3. If you reserve a room and do not cancel the reservation before 10th July, the entire rent will be due for payment.


Finding accommodation in Heidelberg

The following districts are part of the city of Heidelberg:
Altstadt, Bahnstadt, Bergheim, Boxberg, Emmertsgrund, Handschuhsheim, Kirchheim, Neuenheim, Pfaffengrund, Rohrbach, Schlierbach, Südstadt, Weststadt, Wieblingen, Ziegelhausen.

The following locations are not Heidelberg districts, but also close to Heidelberg city and well-connected with public transport:
Dossenheim, Eppelheim, Leimen, Leimen-St. Ilgen, Neckargemünd.


We strongly recommend a personal liability insurance: you as the tenant will be (financially) responsible for all damage that occurs to your accommodation, including losing the keys.


Accommodation Service offered by Universität Heidelberg’s International Relations Office:

The International Relations Office offers an online portal with sub-let rooms offered by Heidelberg students.


Accommodation for rent/sublet accommodation:

Studierendenwerk Heidelberg offers a list with a great choice of commercial websites for the private housing market (“Private housing market” -> “Online housing platforms”).


Holiday apartments, guest houses, hostels etc.:

City of Heidelberg’s website for international visitors (also available in Chinese)
On the city of Heidelberg’s website, you can find a search engine for holiday apartments, hotel rooms etc.

Further offers can be found easily by searching online.


Accommodation arranged by the International Summer School

Arranging accommodation is only possible for participants of the Summer School.

Please download the corresponding form “Accommodation“. Complete and sign the form and upload it to the link provided on the bottom of the form. The reservation of a room is then guaranteed.


Please note: The International Summer School is not the landlord or lessor. The rooms are provided by students of Heidelberg University and citizens of the city of Heidelberg. Therefore, we cannot tell you beforehand which kinds of rooms there will be available, where they are exactly and how much the rent will be. All queries in this regard will not be answered. However, we assure you that we handle all special accommodation requests and needs with utmost consideration. General information:

  • The rooms are basic student single rooms, meals not being provided. It is usually possible to use available kitchen facilities. Either bath or shower is provided. Both bathrooms and kitchens are commonly used by more than one person and shared flats are mixed (male and female).
  • We do our best to get you accommodation with internet access; please be prepared to use LAN and bring the necessary equipment. WLAN will be available in most university buildings and internet cafés.
  • Keeping your accommodation clean will be your responsibility during your stay; there is no cleaning service like in a hotel. Any costs that arise due to damages, dirt in the accommodation or loss of keys will be charged to you. We therefore strongly recommend taking out a personal liability insurance prior to coming to Germany.
  • There are rooms in student residences and rooms in private student flats/houses or in private homes. Facilities and furnishing will be simple, but functional and include a bed, desk and chair, dining place, space for storing/hanging clothes etc.
  • All rooms are situated in Heidelberg or neighbor cities like Eppelheim, Dossenheim or Leimen. There are always good bus/tram connections well into the night. Your classroom will be no more than a 35 minute ride by bike or public transport from your accommodation.
  • The rent for a single room is € 400 to 450 on average (last update: October 2022).
  • The rent is for Tuesday, August 1, to Thursday, August 31. (day of departure; student residences must be cleared by 10 a.m.). Early arrivals or late departures are not possible.
  • The total rent is to be paid in cash upon arrival.
  • The International Summer School is not the landlord or lessor, but only in charge of the intermediation. We do not have any influence on rent, furnishing, location etc.
  • It is not possible to arrange rooms in a family home or with a host family.
  • Please bring your own sheets and towels (find more information on what to pack on the “Packing Checklist”).
  • If you prefer a high standard accommodation (separate 1- or 2-room flat) and are willing to pay between 500 € and 950 € rent, please let us know accordingly on the form “Accommodation” and/or write us an e-mail. The higher the standard, the higher the price. We will do our best to find a suitable place.
  • Only on arrival in Heidelberg, you will be given the address of your accommodation. This is due to organizational reasons, and exceptions to the rule will not be possible. Any requests to this end cannot and will not be answered. If it is important to you to know details about your accommodation beforehand, or if you have very specific expectations regarding housing, kindly find your own accommodation online. It is not possible to change rooms during the course.


Please note our General Terms and Conditions of Business and Payment.


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