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Registration forms (course and accommodation) can be down loaded from January, 15th onwards.

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The International Summer School also arranges accommodation. This is only possible for participants of the Summer School.

The corresponding form "Accommodation" will be sent to you with the letter of acceptance, i.e. if a place in the Summer School has been reserved for you. If you require accommodation, complete the form and return it. The reservation of a room is then guaranteed.


Please note: The International Summer School is not the landlord or lessor. The rooms are provided by students of Heidelberg University and citizens of the city of Heidelberg. Therefore, we cannot tell beforehand which kinds of rooms there will be available, where they are exactly and how much the rent will be. All queries in this regard will not be answered. However, we assure you that we handle all special accommodation requests and needs with utmost consideration. The following basically applies:

  • The rooms are basic student single rooms, meals not being provided. It is usually possible to use available kitchen facilities. Either bath or shower is provided. Internet access is not possible in all rooms, but in most university buildings and internet cafés.
  • There are rooms in student residences and rooms in private student flats/houses with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities or in private homes. All rooms are located in Heidelberg; there are always good bus/tram connections well into the night.
  • The rent for a single room is € 360 on average.
  • It is not possible to arrange rooms in a family home or with a host family.
  • Please bring your own sheets and towels (find more information on what to pack on the “Packing Checklist”).
  • There will be no cleaning service, so each tenant (you) is responsible to keep the accommodation clean and tidy during their stay.
  • If you have any special accommodation requests, please note this on the form (e.g. separate flat, private bathroom, sharing a flat or room with certain persons also participating in the course, etc.).
  • If you prefer a high standard accommodation (separate 1- or 2-room flat) and are willing to pay between 500 € and 950 € rent, please let us know accordingly on the form “Accommodation”. We will do our best to find a suitable place.
  • More detailed information will be sent to you with the confirmation letter.
  • Only on arrival in Heidelberg, the participants will be given the address of their rooms.



The rent is for one month: Tuesday, July 30, to Thursday, August 29 (day of departure; student residences must be cleared by 10 a.m.). The rent for a single room is € 360 on average.

The total rent is to be paid in cash upon arrival.



The 'Mensa' (student restaurant) offers meals at moderate prices (buffet: 0,80 €/100 g). Food costs vary according to individual requirements.

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