Fuontain on Karlsplatz, Heidelberg Castle in the background

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The International Summer School 2021 is fully booked. Sorry, registrations are no longer possible.

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Room and Board

The International Summer School 2021 will take place online only, so there is no need to travel to Heidelberg. We will not arrange any accommodation.


If you still wish to come to Heidelberg, you can find accommodation online:


The following districts are part of the city of Heidelberg:
Altstadt, Bahnstadt, Bergheim, Boxberg, Emmertsgrund, Handschuhsheim, Kirchheim, Neuenheim, Pfaffengrund, Rohrbach, Schlierbach, Südstadt, Weststadt, Wieblingen, Ziegelhausen.

The following locations are not Heidelberg districts, but also close to Heidelberg city and well-connected with public transport:
Dossenheim, Eppelheim, Leimen, Leimen-St. Ilgen, Neckargemünd.


We strongly recommend a personal liability insurance: you as the tenant will be (financially) responsible for all damage that occurs to your accommodation, including losing the keys.


Accommodation for rent/sublet accommodation:

Studierendenwerk Heidelberg offers a list with a great choice of commercial websites for the private housing market (“Private housing market” -> “Online housing platforms”).


Holiday apartments, guest houses, hotels etc.:

City of Heidelberg’s website for international visitors (also available in Chinese)
On the city of Heidelberg’s website, you can find a search engine for holiday apartments, hotel rooms etc.

Further offers can be found easily by searching online.


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