Fuontain on Karlsplatz, Heidelberg Castle in the background

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Social Events & Excursions


Social Events & Excursions

(included in the course fee)


Participants are invited to join the exclusive Summer School program:


  • opening ceremony, including classical music program
  • a guided tour of Heidelberg University
  • a guided tour through Heidelberg’s old city center (“Altstadt”)
  • a visit to Heidelberg castle
  • a visit to the extraordinary gardens of Schwetzingen Palace
  • virtual excursion to the Black Forest
  • leisure activities with German students
  • concerts
  • social meetings with teachers and mentors
  • discussion groups
  • coffee breaks
  • discussion platforms
  • ...and many more!


The program has not yet been finalized due to the current situation All information will be published on this website as soon as possible. Registered participants will be informed by e-mail regularly.


The complete program will be available to all registered participants before the International Summer School starts. Registration begins on 15 February 2021 (⇒ Registration).


The programme may be subject to change.

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