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Ansichten aus Heidelberg
Ansichten aus Heidelberg
Ansichten aus Heidelberg
Ansichten aus Heidelberg

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Course I - Elementary Level

Complete Beginners - GER/CEF A1.1*

Elementary Groups - GER/CEF A1.1 to B1.2*

Course I offers classes for learners with NO previous knowledge of German (GeR/CEF A1.1, complete beginners) as well as classes for learners with basic German proficiency (GeR/CEF A1.2 to B1.2).

Course participants study the fundamentals of German grammar, develop their comprehension skills for texts of low to medium difficulty, compose short texts and practice speaking about everyday topics.

Classes are held weekdays for 20 hours per week. Complementary classes are offered in the afternoon.

Class size is about 12 - 14.


Course book:
The particular book/books you'll need depend on the GER/CEF level of your class. Publisher: Max Hueber, München

A1.1 (G1): Menschen A1.1, Course Book (€ 13), Menschen A1.1 Arbeitsbuch (€ 12)

A1.2 (G2): Menschen A1.2, Course Book (€ 13), Menschen A1.2 Arbeitsbuch (€ 12)

A2.1 (G3): Menschen A2.1, Course Book (€ 13), Menschen A2.1 Arbeitsbuch (€ 12)

A2.2 (G4): Menschen A2.2, Course Book (€ 13), Menschen A2.2 Arbeitsbuch (€ 12)

B1.1 (G5): Menschen B1.1, Course Book (€ 13), Menschen B1.1 Arbeitsbuch (€ 12)

B1.2 (G6): Menschen B1.2, Course Book (€ 13), Menschen B1.2 Arbeitsbuch (€ 12)


Complementary Afternoon Classes

The final program will be presented to you before the Summer School begins. The seminars listed below illustrate some of the complementary classes typically offered for Course I, Elementary Level:


  • Pronunciation Practice
  • Preparatory Course for "Goethe-Zertifikat B1: Zertifikat Deutsch"
  • Creative Classrooms: Heidelberg’s Museums
  • How To Improve Your Listening Skills
  • Role Plays: survival Training for German Everyday Life
  • Grammar Review Crash Course


* GER/CEF: Gemeinsamer europäischer Referenzrahmen
                     Common European Framework


This program may be subject to change.

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