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Course III - Business German

GER/CEF ≥ B2.1*


The course Deutsch als Wirtschaftssprache (WiDaF) is designed specifically for non-native speakers of German with professional or study-related interests in the German business world. Our special language program is tailored to students pursuing a degree in economics or business, to young professionals preparing for the German job market and to people working for German companies in their home countries.

The course focuses on language practice embedded in the wider context of German business, German economy and German culture, including contemporary social and political aspects.

Course material will be provided in class.

All classes are suited for participants with a sound knowledge of German (GeR/CEF levels ≥ B2.1).


German language proficiency is the major factor in course placement and knowledge of business plays only a minor role.


Core classes are held weekdays for 20 hours per week. Classes consist of two modules, as follows: one language core module (WiDaF-SM) and one elective module (WiDaF-WMB) which, shortly before the beginning of the Summer School, you enroll in according to your individual interests. For further details on elective modules, please refer to the German version.

Class size is about 12 to 14.

There will be complementary classes before and/or after the core language classes.

Upon completion of course Deutsch als Wirtschaftssprache, all participants receive a certificate of attendance. Additional diplomas are issued to those who pass the examination. The diploma is equivalent to 4 credit points on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

We reserve the right to adapt the program wherever necessary.


* GER/CEF: Gemeinsamer europäischer Referenzrahmen
                     Common European Framework


This program may be subject to change.

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