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Course II - Fortbildungskurs

GeR/CEF C1 / C2*

Special focus: GFL Goes Digital - Effective Video Conferencing


The Fortbildungskurs (FBK) is designed for non-native teachers of German as a Foreign Language (GFL-teachers) and non-native postgraduate students of German. It aims to expand participants' language abilities and develop their GFL teaching skills. Participants are given the opportunity to work with various instructors and can choose their own set of modules from a wide variety of topics.

Classes consist of a total of 20 hours per week, taught in the morning. Upon your arrival, you select a total of three modules according to your individual interests, as follows: one module out of three Basic Modules; and one module each from Additional Modules Group A and from Additional Modules Group B. In addition, your choice of modules will be supplemented with the Project Module Special Focus: GFL Goes Digital. Effective Video Conferencing. Typical modules may be:

Basic Modules (8 hours per week each)

  • Multimedia: The Possibilities of Film in GFL Teaching
  • Literary Criticism
  • Activity and Task Design for GFL Teachers

Additional Modules Group A (4 hours per week each)

  • Development of Subject-Specific Syntactical Competence
  • Small Words with Big Impact: German Particles in GFL-Teaching

Additional Modules Group B (4 hours per week each)

  • Songs and Pop Music in GFL-Teaching
  • German Phonetics and Phonology for GFL Instructors

Project Module Speacial Focus (4 hours per week)

  • Germany and Europe in the Context of Global Developments


Additional to the GFL teacher training provided in the morning, we offer a variety of complementary classes:


Complementary Early Morning Lecture


  • Hot Off the Press: Germany’s Latest Literature


Complementary Afternoon Classes: For Course II – Fortbildungskurs

The seminars listed below illustrate some of the complementary classes typically offered for Course II, Fortbildungskurs. The final program will be presented to you after your arrival in Heidelberg.


  • Intercultural Training: Focus on Germany
  • Advanced Phonetics and Phonology

Also, FBK participants are welcome in any other complementary afternoon class requiring GeR level B2 or above.


* GeR/CEF: Gemeinsamer europäischer Referenzrahmen
                     Common European Framework


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